Ten on Ten :: December 2014

I don't usually add text to my ten on ten sets each month, I like to keep them quiet and let the photos do the talking that way when I look back years later what I really get is the feeling and emotions from the frozen moments in time. But this month feels different, I am feeling a bit weary of heart and body and so I thought, if for even just my own sake in years to come I'd document too the goings on behind the images shared.

My husband Chris had hip hip replaced on Monday evening and we just got home last night from the hospital - it's been a long few nights with lots of pain and sleeplessness. It is so very hard to see your loved one in such pain and not be able to immediately help. Our kids are staying with Grandma and Grandpa Gough (thank you guys so much!) until tomorrow and I am so very grateful for this small chance to focus on Chris's recovery but am also just exhausted to the bone and know that they will return with a force and I myself have been fighting mono as a mom does by simply praying hard each day that there are enough moments to sit and rest to make it through the hectic chaos of raising four little ones.

My amazing friend Julie Jane sent me the dearest note this afternoon with a prayer in it that brought me to my knees in tears and gratitude for her strength in bearing burdens with me through this season. And truthfully these images, finding the beauty in the ordinary is such grace as well. It's so humbling to look around and find that God has given to us in each moment exactly what we need right when we need it. He sent my best friend with chicken soup and strong arms to help me arrange the furniture better for Chris. He sent me the hope that is Advent and how his humble life came down to earth to serve us all. He sent me coffee, and snugly socks to keep my toes warm and even presents to wrap. He is good and even when life is really really hard he sees it and carries us through and I am grateful in the midst of it for chances to focus my mind and heart on him.

Thank you guys for joining in each month in whatever way works best for you - twelve photos or only two, fancy dslr or phone photos this project is simply about observing grace in the everyday thick or thin and I am seriously so honored to be a part of it all with you! Happy Ten on Ten friends, you guys are such a blessing! xoxo

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Ten on Ten :: November 2014

Happy Ten on Ten friends! I hope you have a wonderful day finding beauty in the ordinary - I am excited to check in tonight and see what you've found! xoxo

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Spooky Ghost Candy Jars

I originally wrote this post for the girls over at Eighteen25 for the September Spooktacular but thought it would be fun to share these spooky Ghost Candy Jars here too. I can't believe the month of October is almost over - ahhh, now that's spooky! :)

  • white wool balls
  • straws or sticks
  • cheesecloth
  • black sewing pins
  • jars and lids with a hole punched in the center (I spray painted mine black)
  • glue gun
  • candy

These are so super easy and really accessible for kids too, mine had a blast helping me! What you do is use a big blob of hot glue to affix a wool ball to the end of a straw or stick and let that set up. 

Cut a few layers of the cheesecloth into about a seven or eight inch square and then center the wool ball and fold the cloth over the top. The cheesecloth will naturally stick to the wool ball so you don't need to add any additional glue or adhesive. 

Use two small black sewing pins for the eyes and to secure the cloth a bit. If the pins are long you might need to use some wire cutters to trim the sharp points at the back. 

Once the little ghost is done fill your jars with candy and stick the ghost into the hole in the lid so that it hovers over the jar!

If you have any extra wool balls and cheesecloth make a few ghosts without the straws and using a needle and thread sew up through the back of the ball to the top to create a loop for hanging or a garland.

I hung a bunch from the chandelier above our table and they are so tiny and perfect as a very subtle Halloween surprise, the kids went crazy for these!

I really love decorating - here's a few more from our Halloween House last year…still need to get our decorations up for this year!

Hope you guys have a wonderful day today! xoxo

Ten on Ten :: October 2014

Happy Ten on Ten you guys - and happy Friday too!! Hope you have a wonderful day finding beauty in the ordinary I am always so blessed to see what you find. I'll be back later with my set, enjoy your day and feel free to link up anytime this week! More about the project HERE.

SEA to Sea // Autumn

Oh I love the Fall it's such a beautiful (and crazy busy) time of year! I took a little walk with baby Zeb to hunt for pretty leaves and it was such a highlight for me this week in the midst of the chaos. We saw a neighbor and he looked at him, smiled and said "I'm with my mom" it totally melted me! 

We also went to the pumpkin patch with Josie's preschool class and I managed to make Bridget's delicious roasted pumpkin apple soup too, her recipe HERE! The leaves are changing and the weather is cooling a bit. I've had my share of a few pumpkin spice lattes and the birthday's are in full swing in our family and I can't wait to get my boots and scarves out in full rotation again too! Thankful for the blessing that the changing seasons can bring. What's your favorite thing about Autumn? xoxo

This week my set is first and then Stacy's - read about the stark contrast of her Autumn in San Diego HERE!

SEA to Sea is a weekly collaborative project I am doing with my dear friend Stacy Bostrom focusing on a theme of gratitude and grace each week and sharing our captures and thoughts together from the city of Seattle to the Shores of San Diego…other themes found HERE.
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